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The Oceans and Continents Sheets and BOOM cards for *Distance Learning*

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Are you looking for a resource that will help kids memorize how many continents/oceans there are, their names, and locate them on a map? Great! That means this resource is for you. The kiddos will have fun doing the worksheets and when they are done you can now quiz them on BOOM! I've updated this resource with all new graphics, answer keys, and BOOM cards as a quiz when students complete this packet. Only want the BOOM cards? Check them out here.


This download includes the following printable worksheets:

Page 1&2&3 - Cut and sort. Allow the students to match the name of the continent with the outline of the continent.

Page 4 - Label a map.

Page 5 - The student looks at the world map and writes down what continent is colored in which color.

Page 6 - The student looks at each number located in a continent and writes the name of the continent.

Page 7 - Color the continent according to the instructions given.

Page 8 - Write the number in each circle to show what name belongs to which continent.

Page 9 - Cut and paste the names of each continent where it belongs.

Page 10 - Complete the crossword puzzle by looking at each outline of the continents.

Page 11&12 - Word search for the seven continents and five oceans.

Page 13 - Cut and paste the name of the continents in Alphabetical order.

Page 14 - Cut the name of the continents and paste them to the corresponding outline.

Page 15&16 - The kiddos make a map by cutting out all the continents and placing them on a outline of the planet to show their knowledge of where the continents are located in the world.

Page 17 - What continent do you live on? Create a postcard to tell a friend about it!


At the end of this mini unit the kiddos will be able to:

✅Identify the continents on a map

✅Identify locations of oceans on a map

✅Name all 7 continents

✅Name all 5 oceans





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