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Accident or on Purpose? For Life Skills & Character Education *Distance Learning

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We may think that a child may know the differences between an accident or something done on purpose, when perhaps they may not know. I was that child once. It was in third grade and I had grabbed my teachers air freshener and sprayed it in the class. A boy ran in front of me and he got some of the spray in his eyes. The boy went on to tell the teacher about the incident on which she comes to me and asks "was it on accident or on purpose?" I was embarrassed and said "on purpose". It was actually an accident but because I didn't understand what the words meant, I got myself in trouble. It's important to know the difference between the two to explain events and situations.

These flashcards can be cut out and fixed on a ring and have students decide whether each scenario is an accident or something done on purpose. Comes with a recording sheet for students to write down whether each event describe is an accident or it has been done on purpose. Poster for class included.

**UPDATED*** This resource contains the sheets and the NEW BOOM edition to go along for your preference.

Know the difference and stay out of trouble! :P

Total 12 sheets | 20 BOOM cards
You will get a ZIP (1MB) file

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