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The Mind Garden - hypnotic audio download

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The Mind Garden is a 15 minute hypnotic audio download to help ease anxiety, stress and aid more restful sleep. The Mind Garden uses metaphor, gentle hypnotic suggestion and tried and tested relaxation methods to promote healthy thinking.

Join me on a relaxing walk into The Mind Garden where we explore the concepts of slowing down, growth and letting go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve us. I speak to the listener on both a conscious and unconscious level, promoting feelings of wellbeing and calm.

This is a perfect bedtime wind down for ages 3-99, or the perfect 15 minute reset on those wired days!

For best results play daily for at least 28 days. This will not only create a new positive behaviour but give time to embed new thought patterns.


This audio will make the listener feel lovely and relaxed. Please do not play whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

You will get a M4A (12MB) file