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All I Want For Christmas Is A Boo- KINDLE EDITION

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A brand new car,  a million dollars and a fur coat are all things that someone is asking Santa for this year, but not Dakota West. Yet again, she’s the single sibling, the single co-worker and the single friend and she’s tired of it! 

For once, Dakota wants a man to call her own, especially during the holiday season when it seems that everyone else is happily boo’d up. As a joke, and maybe out of desperation, she asks Santa for a boo for Christmas.

Of course, at 27 years old, she doesn’t expect to get a man for Christmas, but when she meets Devin Sparks just in time for the holidays, Dakota’s convinced that, finally, she’s on the nice list and Santa has delivered the gift she’s been wanting for years.

Devin is so perfect for Dakota that she suddenly starts to wonder if maybe he is too good to be true. Will Devin turn out to be a Christmas miracle or just a lump of coal? Find out in All I Want For Christmas Is A Boo.
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