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Living Your BEST Life Planner

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Living Your BEST Life Planner. 

Change Your Life! Plan Your Life!

This unique planner is a combination monthly/weekly planner for handle all of your scheduling needs and a life planner with exercises to help you live your BEST life, right now!

The Change Your Life section helps you plan six major element of your life after 50 including:

Confidence - How do you boost your confidence after50? This section provides exercises to help you become more confident in your personal and profesional life. For each exercise, you define the action steps you will take to be a more confident woman over 50.

Passion - What is your passion? What do you really want out of your life after 50? This section prompts you to explore your passions and then set a plan in place to begin to live your passion.

Vision - What is your vision? With more confidence and a better idea of what you are passionate about, how does that translate into a 5 year, 3 year or 6 month vision for your life? This section will walk you through tools you can use to create a vision statement that captures the vision for your future.

Goals - Setting goals is an integral part of living your BEST life. This section of planner helps you to create goals that will help you live your passion and vision.

Action Planning - Finally, this section will give you the tools to create a plan for getting it done. This will be your working plan for making real change in your life after 50.

The Plan Your Life section of the planner is an undated monthly, weekly and daily planner to help you organize  your time and stay on schedule.

It includes a section on time-blocking, a proprietary tool you can use to make the most of the time you have and prioritize your daily activities.
This planner is the ultimate tool for women over 50 who truly want to live their BEST life and achieve their dreams.

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