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Saige Soccer Saga - Splint to SLC to LLC

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Saige Soccer Saga:

In this order you'll receive a zip of raw videos of the latest, greatest CCC shoot.  It features Saige crutching back on campus after breaking her tibia in a soccer match. She's clad in a short leg splint and she tells you all about how it feels and what the treatment plan is.  She shows off her crutching ability from prior ACL tears as she navigates stairs as well as manuevers campus before crutching to get picked up to get the first hard cast she's ever had -- and what a cast it is.  A giant, full length, pink leg cast with black stockinette. She ambles back to campus, still proficient but a little slower and shares all about her pink cast which matches her pink pedicure. She also shares POV footage of the cast, and gives extended cast talk, along with some slight rubbing of nails on the cast.  Later, she shows off the signatures on her cast before heading out to receive a navy slc with gray stockinette. She is very fluid crutching around campus and in and out of buildings in this cast which accentuates her pedicure.  There's a ton of cast talk as well as crutching.  This will leave you thinking of past CCC videos, with the modern techniques of better casting, higher quality footage, and a splint as well.
You will get a ZIP (2GB) file
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