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The Successful Clinical Manager - Hospice

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The job of the clinical manager in hospice is not for the fainthearted. Most clinical managers are good clinicians, promoted into management with no experience in what it really takes to be a successful manager. The role is the lynchpin for success of the organization, and largely, health care organizations have failed to train and adequately grow the role. 

This guide provides a compass for the hospice clinical manager to develop competencies for long-term success and includes practical insight to build on five primary pillars of knowledge that are key to the home health manager's role: 
  • Regulations 
  • Finance 
  • Clinical Knowledge 
  • People 
  • Technology 
As well as specifics on best practices to achieve success while interacting with other business processes, this guide provides industry specific guidance and insight into the day-to-day hospice processes. You’ll learn how to develop work plans, stay organized, and take care of yourself at the same time. Written by an author with nearly thirty years experience in the field, this book is for new and current Clinical Managers to help them develop a foundation of knowledge to build a personal career plan and guide further educational needs. Instead of struggling with inadequate training and not knowing what you don’t know, let this book be your guide to a successful and satisfying career as a Clinical Manager! 

Want even more? You can work along with the companion workbook, available separately, as well as take advantage courses, newsletters, and podcasts available on the author’s website
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