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God's Girls Talk about Guys, Virtue, & Marriage Bible Study by Meredith Curtis

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What do girls love to talk about?

Boys! Wedding! Once upon a Time! Happily Ever After! God has wisdom in His Word for these very topics. Dig into the Word of God with God's Girls and discover truths that will allow you to walk in purity, enjoy wholesome friendships with guys, and prepare for a lifetime marriage. Let's all talk about guys, virtue, friendship with a purpose, weddings, and marriage.

This book was written to inspire young women of all ages to stay pure for their TRUE Prince, JESUS, and to live by His Perfect Law that gives FREEDOM to all who trust in Him. Unabashedly conservative, this Bible study encourages young ladies to stay under the protection of their fathers and mothers.

God's Girls are real young women, just like you, who want to grow in the Lord. Read their honest answers and stories. Let's all grow together into the women GOd has called us to be. This series of Bible studies gives you a chance to hear what other young women are saying, but more importantly, to dig into the Word of God, searching the Scriptures for wisdom and direction. If you are serious about your walk with Jesus, this BIble study is for you!

God's Girls Talk about Guys, Virtue, & Marriage has 15 chapters:
Meet God's Girls
Live for Jesus
God's Blueprint for Purity & True Love
Boys: Potential Crush or Brothers in the Lord?
Recreational Dating: Preparation for Divorce
Friendship with a Purpose
Wholesome Friendships
Purposeful Pathway Toward Marriage
Wonderful Weddings
Married until Death do us Part
Preparing for the Future
Are There Any Godly Men Out There?

Series: Real Men Bible Study
Author: Meredith Curtis
Publisher: Powerline Productions
E-book: 150 pages
Age/Grade: Teens & Adults

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