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“Gerald Yelle’s prose poems in Industries Built on Words may remind the reader of something out of Beckett, or Ginsberg. Yelle’s stream-of-consciousness style surprises while delving into a deceptively familiar world. His poems are existential yet rooted, absurd yet deeply human. The feeling of reading Yelle’s work is that of jumping into an alternate universe that is similar to our own, but not quite. Yelle writes in What the Picture Was About: ‘Where you go. You might not want to be alone. I’ll want to be alone. Especially if the boss is like this good-looking dude. I’d rather hang with the elephants. They don’t bother me. They don’t make me sweat.’ This collection explores the experiences of the workaday man, Yelle-ified – that is to say, well worth the plunge, like elephants. They don’t make you sweat.”

— Lori Desrosiers, Author of Keeping Planes in the Air

About the Author:

Gerald Yelle has remained close to his working-class New England roots. The restaurant work he did as a teen, as well as the science and engineering he studied in college, continue to inform his work. Since receiving his MFA from the University of Massachetts, he has published poetry and flash fiction in numerous online and print journals, in addition to four books: The Holyoke Diaries (Future Cycle Press, 2014), Evolution For The Hell Of It (Red Dashboard LLC, 2015), Mark My Word and the New World Order (Pedestrian Press, 2016), and Restaurant in Walking Distance and Everything (Cawing Crow Press, 2016). He has done factory work, office work, and public school teaching. He is a member of the Florence, Massachusetts Poets Society and lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.
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