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Manus Publishing Public Speaking 101 Course - Personal Use Only

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Manus Publishing Public Speaking Course
For Personal Use Only

Public speaking is something most people try to avoid and even dread. Now think of the last really memorable talk or presentation that you attended. Now, was that easy to do, or did you really have to rack your brains to remember one? Sadly, too many presentations are easy to forget. That’s a big problem because the only reason the presenter gave the talk was to communicate something to you.

However, there are five basic things that you can do to ensure that your verbal messages are understood – and remembered – time and time again. Although somewhat obvious and deceptively simple, these are:

- Understand the purpose of the presentation
- Keep the message clear and concise
- Be prepared
- Be vivid when delivering the message
- Understand what you want to achieve

Before you start working on your talk or presentation, it’s essential that you really understand what you want to say, who you want to tell and why they might want to listen. To do this, ask yourself: Who? What? How? When? Where? Why? Who are you speaking to? What are their interests, beliefs and values? What do they share in common with others; how are they unique? What message do you wish to convey? One way of answering this question is to ask yourself about the ‘success criteria’. How do you know if and when you have successfully communicated what you have in mind?

You'll Receive:

Mp3 Audio Course - 02:01:27 in 12 Sessions
Mp4 Training Video - 00:28:44 Public Speaking, Training With A Client
Course Transcript (PDF) - 49 pages
100 Speaking Tips & Hints (PDF)
Public Speaking - Articulation 101 - How to Sound Your Best During Any Speech by MP (.html)

File types: PDF, Html, Mp3 & Mp3
for Personal Use Only
You will get a ZIP (364MB) file
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