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A Donkey, A Stablehand & An Empire (Three Crowns Book 1)

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Will civilisation collapse with a donkey on the throne?

Carson Barker certainly doesn’t think so, and quickly appoints himself into the unenviable role of imperial translator.

However, it isn’t going to be an easy ride. With assassins, blood-thirsty fishmongers and furious homemakers around every corner, each seeking to be the first to kill the new regent and seize the throne themselves, Carson finds himself squarely in the firing line by association.

Little do they know this is no ordinary donkey, and the future of the Empire, possibly even the world, rests on Carson's ability to keep this extraordinary animal alive.

Will he manage to save his ass? Find out in the witty and action-packed book one of the Three Crowns series.

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Customer Reviews

Elisa Menz

Verified Buyer

5 months ago

Witty and unexpected

What is it with these authors writing amazing plot twists at the end of their books?
This has to be the second book I've come across that waited until the last chapter and in this case, the very last page, to smack me in the face with a revelation so unexpected I let out a very loud ¡¿Qué?! when I read it (the first one was a thriller, so that's understandable).
A short, highly absurd, and humorous story, this novel has no shortage of awesome characters and absurd laws. I mean... seriously... anyone who kills the previous regent becomes the new regent? What if they choke on some veggies? Hail, sir Broccoli! First of his name!
With some heavy Mel Brooks vibes, A Donkey, a Stablehand, and an Empire is a book you can read in one sitting whenever you are in the mood for something light, or if you feel democracy has let you down and we should all be ruled by an ass.