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Dragon Brides Volume One

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Three dragon princes have no time to find mates, but fate has other ideas!

When the Dragon King commands Crux find a mate, his days of carefree bachelorhood are over. One trip to a psychic matchmaker and he's on the path to his destiny. But it all comes screeching to a halt when he meets a human woman who lights his inner fire and makes him yearn.

When Sidney discovers Ranger imprisoned on her ship, it throws her world into upheaval. She's no slaver. She'll do what it takes to free him, even if it means crossing her captain and crew. When Ranger turns the tables on her, she's almost too angry to be attracted to him.

Prince Saber regrets agreeing to an arranged marriage the moment he says yes. His bride is a dull aristocratic lady who he'll be bound to for the rest of his life. No fated mate. No adventure. No love. So when he's given an off planet mission he accepts it in a heartbeat. He never expects Lady Mirage to board his vessel... or to steal his heart.

Fated mates, fierce women, and dragon princes are ready to find their mates in the Dragon Brides series from Kate Rudolph.
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Crux Audiobook: Dragon Brides Book 1


Crux: Dragon Brides #1 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)


Ranger: Dragon Brides Book 2


Saber: Dragon Brides Book 3


Ranger Audiobook: Dragon Brides Book 2