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Increase your story telling abilities with this Tarot & Beyond E-Guide written by Vonta Nicole and presented by Dreams Of Tarot! Great for beginner and intermediate readers. This E-Guide will help you go beyond the traditional meaning of Tarot and provide illustrative backstories. Increase your accuracy, develop your intuition, and correctly learn how YOU interact and process energies with this short yet power packed guide.

Section 1: I will learn how to cleanse and program my Tarot decks. I will connect with my Tarot decks by using Contextual Resonance. I will walk away knowing: How to properly connect with my Tarot cards.  

Section 2: I will learn how to source energy and learn to recognize how Spirit communicates with me. I will walk away knowing: How to tap in to frequencies and recognize how energy expresses itself through me. 

Section 3: I will learn the importance of spreads and how to use Context Mapping to expand my definition of the Tarot cards and use these meanings as a outline or guide in my readings. I walk away knowing: That I determine the meaning of each card and Spirit uses that meaning to communicate with me.

Section 4: I will learn how to properly prepare myself and my environment for a reading. I walk away knowing: How to properly protect myself and my environment during a reading to prevent any interference from lower vibrational sources. 

Section 5: I will learn how to to expound and illustrate what the cards are revealing by using the ‘Fill-in Method’ and card interactions. I walk away knowing: How to gather and present detailed information to the querent. 

Section 6: I will learn how to use Context Mapping, The Fill-in Method, Expounding and Illustrating to provide the querent with a back story & further insight. I walk away knowing: How to thread the meanings of cards together to paint a descriptive image of what’s taking place. 

Section 7: I will learn how to use spreads and properly pose questions. I walk away knowing: The importance of correspondence during a reading.

Section 8: I will develop my illustrative abilities and use them to thread or weave together a detailed backstory enabling me to provide more in-depth and detailed readings. I will walk away knowing: How to illustrate an accurate story and timeline of events. 

Section 9: I will learn different ways intuition speaks to me. I walk away knowing: There is more than one way Spirit uses my intuition to communicate with me. 

Section 10: A key to Tarot suits, Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana

About The Author 
Vonta Nicole, has always been a 'Dreamer of Dreams' hints the name Dreams of Tarot. In 2013, Vonta began her spiritual journey as a Prophetess and Evangelist for a small Apostolic non-denominational community church based in Las Vegas, Nevada with emphasis on Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance Ministry, and Healing. After giving her first sermon, Vonta’s Prophetic and Inspirational gift, along with her ability to teach, was recognized and confirmed by her then spiritual leaders.

After preaching for 4 years, Vonta left organized religion and answered the call to begin her own spiritual journey as a Mystic. Known by her counterparts and close associates for her old soul, Vonta uses her strong connection to the Angelic realm and the knowledge and experience she's gained - along with her love of music, writing, astrology, and tarot - to teach, encourage, heal, and bring spiritual insights to many. With a strong desire to see people happy, healthy, and spiritually in tune with their unique life purpose, Vonta proves she's the intuitive 'homegirl' you need on your team

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