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SIGNED: With Her Own Two Hands, Small Town Romance #3

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Julian Webster needs a muse. 

After leaving Philadelphia to escape a woman who couldn’t love him the way he needed, he’s beginning to wonder if he left every creative cell in his body back there too.

Agostina Malone knows that too much heartbreak can make you bitter. 

She loves the idea of love but knows she's just not built for it. Good sex, recognition from those she loves and respects, close relationships with friends and family — those were the things she craved. But romantic love? No. Romantic love can drain you. Steal your light. Leave you empty and depressed. But with her own two hands she has carved out the life she wants, the life she can manage.

Big, broody Julian keeps invading her sacred spaces, and they share a wall at ArtCrush Studios, making him impossible to escape. Agostina offers her spiritual practices to help him snap out of it. But even a fistful of crystals and all the mojo bags in the world can't seem to put this man right. Maybe a mojo bag isn't what he needs... 

Maybe they both need something only love can cure.