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Reincarnation—A Reasonable Inquiry

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Author: Erich Z. Petrovsky

  Some say reincarnation is a fact and cite the Bible as a source.

   Others say reincarnation is fiction and cite the very same Bible as a source.

   Precisely what does the Bible literally say in it's "unversionized" form?  Furthermore, how does the Bible comport with that which science tells us?

   One of these groups is about to be shocked!

   What does the Bible literally tell us about the status of the soul in the so called afterlife, and the potentials of the same?

   “But there is one inescapable fact: It is a certainty that reincarnation cannot simultaneously be both fact and fiction—either it is true, or it is not.” —p.7

   Written from an analytical and not an advocational perspective.  The Bible has much to say about this subject. 

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