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Forget Dieting!

Break the destructive habit of emotional eating with this simple yet powerful hypnosis programme and embrace a healthier relationship with food (and yourself)!

  • Do you turn to food when life doesn't go to plan?
  • Is "I'll start my diet again tomorrow" something you say over and over?
  • Do you lack the time and energy to diet... let alone exercise?
  • Are you looking to develop a healthier relationship with food?
  • Perhaps you struggle with some form of food or sugar addiction?
  • Are you sick and tired of putting your body through another diet
If you struggle with ANY of the above... my flagship programme, Your Weight in Mind, offers a high-end simple and natural solution which easily overrules all diet-based strategies in effectiveness.

You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (10MB)
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This hypnosis programme, based on the latest neuro-scientific research, can help you to...

• Stop emotional eating and binge eating indefinitely

• Tell when you’re actually hungry or experiencing emotional cravings

• Control your cravings and begin a new healthy relationship with food

• Naturally wake up feeling more energised and ready to start your day

• Be more confident in your body and about yourself

• Re-train your brain to a HEALTHIER, more CONFIDENT YOU

Why will this programme work for me?

Weight issues are usually a sign of unresolved past traumas that are stopping you from losing unwanted weight for good...

Losing weight is not about drinking more water, protein powders, obsessive calorie counting, a recipe book... Neither is it anything obvious or conventional.

In fact, it’s something much more powerful than that… It’s the power of your MIND.

So... how does Your Weight in Mind work?

All you have to do is find somewhere warm and comfortable, RELAX and listen to one of the 25-minute recordings every day.

If you're short of time, simply listen to them as you're drifting off to sleep or use one of the bonus bite-sized recordings (only 6 minutes long).

Hypnosis is a complementary therapy that works with the unconscious mind. It addresses unhelpful belief systems that contribute to current psychological issues and, in the state of hypnosis (which is just like daydreaming), the mind is so much more relaxed which increases suggestibility.

Hypnotherapy helps build strong and positive neural connections which become your default way of thinking. In doing so, the old, unhelpful thoughts and habits begin to lose their power and therefore will have less influence in your life.

Through hypnotherapy, you will become empowered to live life in a more mindful and more authentic way.

Inside this compelling and effective hypnotherapy course for weight loss, Your Weight in Mind includes FOUR main 30-minute recordings:

Recording #1: Setting You Up for Success

This recording teaches you how to step into your rational mind to control and manage eating habits. The first step is about learning to manage overwhelming emotions effectively with my tried and tested relaxation method so you can remain calm and collected no matter what.

Recording #2: Cutting the Cravings

Using the latest powerful habit breaking psychology, you’ll start to unhook the desire to eat those high sugar/high fat foods and align your mind to healthier eating choices.

Recording #3: The End of Emotional Eating

This recording raises awareness of how emotional eating has covered up an unmet emotional need and you will learn to unlock your innate skills in order to identify real hunger from false cravings. For example, binge-eating is your brain’s reaction to dealing with negative feelings. This is where diets go wrong!! They pour all their focus on calories and food when what really matters is the belief system inside your head.

Understanding the source of emotional triggers which may be causing unhealthy eating habits can help you tap into the best and most powerful resource you have - your brain! The real answer to losing weight is to “rewire” the neural networks in your mind to help you reinforce healthy eating habits. 

By using my powerful re-encoding technique, you can “flush out” any negative feelings you have and gain better control over your emotions, including replacing old eating habits with newer and better eating habits that are not only healthier but actually manageable and sustainable.

The best part about this empowering technique is not just how it causes life-changing eating habits, but also how it can be applied in almost every aspect of your life!

Recording #4: Feel Good About Food

This recording is about looking ahead with a clear vision of what is necessary to build new and healthier eating habits. You will be able to access with confidence, your innate inner wisdom and knowledge which allows you to perform a "Snack Check" and approach food mindfully and from a place of emotional calm and clarity.

This is an ability that everyone possesses but few have mastered simply because the realisation that we possess the MOST incredible resource AKA our minds has not yet been recognised...

The imagination of your mind transcends physical realities, that goes beyond the constraints of time and space.

What my clients are saying . . .

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I've lost over 3 stone in weight. Anna, Your Weight in Mind programme is like gold dust.

Jane K, Wales

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I'm noticing that I am more aware of my eating habits and I'm not unconsciously eating so much!

Carolyn, Germany

You’ll also get TWO bonus bite-sized recordings for FREE.

Bonus recording #1: Connect With Your Heart

This recording helps you develop a deeper connection to your inner love, knowledge and wisdom. The more you live your life from a place of self-care and self-compassion, the easier it is to make decisions and choices that are truly right for you.

Bonus recording #2: The Space of Mindful Eating

This recording was created to help people embrace the space between their thoughts in order to make healthier eating choices. Plus, it will help you stay motivated in your weight loss journey!


It doesn’t end there. I’m including THREE MORE exclusive guides.

Bonus #3: Vision Board Template and Guide

This complementary vision board template has been specifically designed for the Cracking the Snacking Code programme.

A vision board is a fantastic way to keep your goals and desires alive, relevant and at the forefront of your mind. Every time you look at your vision board you reinforce your intentions both consciously and unconsciously.

Bonus #4: Step by Step Support Guide

Worried about any difficult moments? Don’t be as you’ll receive my Step-by-Step Support Guide that you can print out or keep to hand on your phone.

Bonus #5: Motivational Pick Yourself Up Video

If you slip a bit, just watch my Motivational Pick Yourself Up Video and use the learning and wisdom from any relapses to help you foresee and overcome potential triggers in the future.

For the best results, you may even consider getting my 2-hour long subliminal recording...

Why not train your mind while you sleep!

Get a 30% discount off my 2-hour subliminal recording (normal price: £15). Simply add the full Your Weight in Mind programme to your basket and you will receive this offer at the checkout.

Recent studies have shown that parts of the learning centre of your brain light up in your sleep! 

This exciting news is perfect for those with busy schedules. Because now you can use this special subliminal recording to take advantage of your sleeping hours too…

By programming your subconscious mind to eat mindfully during the day. 

This is completely effortless as you just have to play the recording as you drift off to sleep.

So... you can buy ‘Your Weight in Mind’ NOW with all FIVE BONUSES, for JUST £99!!


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Your Weight in Mind...

Lose Weight without restrictive dieting

Long-lasting Results based on the latest neuroscientific research

Achievable as you work with your body and not against it

Easy to listen to in the comfort of your home

Manageable & Maintainable using the power of positive psychology

Fully Downloadable

“This is the key to your unnatural cravings and hunger which gave me a whole new beginning that I was seeking.”

John Mitchell, Johnny's Kitchen