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Aberdeen Synagogue: Recipes to Save a Roof

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Subsequent to emergency repairs needed to the roof of Aberdeen Synagogue building in February 2020 the topic of fundraising was discussed at a Synagogue Zoom committee meeting. The previously disregarded idea of a Kosher cookbook, suggested by a member of the community, came to fruition and here we are today - with over 200 recipes and stories attached to them.

Our aim was to produce a fundraising cookbook that was a little bit different. Our common passion for food and Jewish history led us to collecting recipes with an associated story. Each recipe is as individual as the contributor. Each recipe has been tried, tested and enjoyed by each contributor for some time. We have therefore relied on individual contributors for accurate ingredients and measurements. We have not yet managed to carry out a test and taste of every recipe but like you, we hope to work our way through the recipes.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file
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