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Cartesian Plane Workbook

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What is the cartesian plane and what is it used for? Let’s find out with this comprehensive workbook that can be printed or used digitally. Students will learn the basics and move on to more challenging topics that won’t seem daunting thanks to the easy walkthroughs included.

A peek at the table of contents:

Intro to Coordinate Grid Graphing
Cartesian Coordinates
1st Quadrant Mystery Pictures
Cartesian Coordinate Plane Mystery Pictures
Reflection, Rotation, Translations Review
Answer Key

This workbook contains a variety of worksheets to choose from depending on the difficulty level you need and allows you to introduce different subject material in a way that flows easily on previously learned material. This workbook is perfect for kiddos who are just coming to learn about the cartesian plane or are just reviewing and moving on to more advanced graphing.

They will get to plot dots to create pictures, indicate their knowledge of quadrants and their functions, be able to be the teacher and grade someone’s work, and much more.

At the end of this workbook students will know how to explain how the coordinate system works, plot dots on a plane, reflect images/points, rotate images/points, and translate images/points and be ready for any test or review that comes their way.

Make your life easier by using the answer key included!

Every page will allow the students to feel more comfortable using the cartesian plane and even be excited when they see one!


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