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The Ultimate Instagram Caption Helper for Visual Artists

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29 Jam-packed pages of pre-written content and prompts for visual artists.

Need engaging post ideas and captions for your Instagram account? This guide gives you everything you need to create high quality captions within the visual arts niche. 

Like all content created for The Practical Art World, there's no filler or fluff (there’s not even illustrations!) Just a wealth of practical, high-quality written resources to help you to create years worth of written Instagram content. 

  • 60 unique posting prompts specific to the visual arts niche (with a descriptive explanation and fully written examples for each. You can customize the example caption for your own use, or start fresh with ideas from the prompt).

  • A 21 page PDF workbook (fillable or printable, to exponentially expand upon each prompt. You can literally create years worth of content ideas!)

  • 250+ “Goldilocks” hashtags (they’re not too “big” and overused, not too “small" and niche, they’re that sweet spot in the middle. All are specifically related to contemporary art and selling art).

  • Multiple examples of pre-written captions for selling, marketing, and presenting your work professionally on Instagram.

  • 30+ Lesser-circulated artist quotes to share or serve as caption inspiration.

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