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Matthew Henry Complete Bible Commentary (66 individual kindle formatted for you) in 2 Zipped files

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Matthew Henry was a straightforward shooter when it comes to God's word. So, it makes sense that his manner, knowledge, devotion, and love for the scriptures has been passed on to us in his well-known and enduring set of commentary found in " Matthew Henry's Commentary". You will love this Kindle set which bring scriptures to life and will help Christians wanting to bring Scripture alive in their daily practice and personality. This Bible commentary set will aid in the study of Scripture by providing explanation and interpretation of Biblical text. Matthew' insight promise to deliver compelling and heartfelt penetrating and powerful reflections that will inspire the reader or bible study student.

His legacy has been made available to you in 66 Individual kindle instead of a bulky book to keep scrolling indefinitely. DOWNLOAD THE 66 KINDLE RIGHT NOW, FOR A LOONIE TO HELP US IN OUR FUNDRAISING EFFORT. 



I use Matthew Henry's Bible commentary almost daily as an aid in studying the Bible. When I discovered that the only option, I had was to read a bulky and lengthy Kindle book every day, I was dismayed. Just like I flip my Bible pages and know EXACTLY WHICH BOOK OF THE BIBLE I AM STUDYING, I wanted something light, easy, and accessible. So, I set out to use his commentary to create each book of the Bible separately. I formatted each of them into a Kindle so that I could pair up my Kindle with my daily reading. Like me, I know you will find it much easier and more convenient. The 66 eBooks are ready to download instantly. They come to you in two zip files. One for the Old Testament, and another one for the New Testament.


You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (16MB)
  • ZIP (28MB)
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