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OneStream Planning: The Why, How and When

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OneStream is a world-class Intelligent Finance Platform that handles the complex planning, consolidation, reporting and other requirements of mid-sized to large enterprises
. Whether in retail, financial services, manufacturing or other industries, the OneStream platform provides the means to integrate multiple data sources and utilize a wide range of tools and methodologies to improve business processes and performance. Through OneStream, organizations benefit from unified, real-time, enterprise-wide planning and forecasting.

Aimed at OneStream Planning practitioners, administrators, implementors, and power users alike, as well as Financial close and consolidations practitioners, OneStream Planning: The Why, How and When is the first standalone book in the performance management space to cover the power and potential of Planning in OneStream. Drawing from real-world deployments, the book is rooted in easily understood business use cases, and explains approaches (with code) through a comprehensive exploration of the solution. All this is offered within a framework of top functional and technical practice as informed by the authors’ decades-long consulting and application development experiences.

> Which should I do – Import or Direct Load, Consolidate or Aggregate?

> How do Data Buffers really work; what is Eval and why should I care? Which approach is fastest and does it really matter?

> Why Multiyear Scenarios should never be Yearly

> Can Thing Planning run in the Spreadsheet? (It can.)

> Combining REST API and Analytic Blend

> Slice Security down to the very tiniest slice

> Pivot Grid or Large Pivot Grid, that is the question

> A book filled with clear use cases

> Exhaustively tested and verified solutions, and extensive source code [note: OneStream Press files are not supported by OneStream support.]

> Undocumented features and functionality covered, along with functional and technical good practices

Note: Any Files provided for Exercises in this OneStream Press Book are for the use of Customers and Partners in an On-Premise environment and are not supported by the OneStream Support Team.

The information contained within this book is relevant to software version 3.5.6

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