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Tulpenzwiebeln Scarf

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This scarf is a fun and colorful two-colour brioche project – and once you get into the rhythm, the pattern is easy to remember.
You start with a few stitches and increase until the scarf has the width you like. That’s why you can easily adjust it to the width you like and it to other yarn weights as well.
As to the name, “Tulpenzwiebeln” is the German word for tulip bulbs.

To knit this scarf you need to be able to knit basic two-colour brioche.

This pattern PDF is 9 pages long and contains:
  • row-by-row pattern instructions
  • photo tutorial for the following brioche increases and decreases: brk2inc, brk6inc and working a brk6inc in the next row, brk6Ldec, brk2Ldec (on top of a brk6Ldec)
  • a schematic of the construction and the increase/decrease stitches
You will get a PDF (4MB) file