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Servant Salesmanship

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There’s a saying: Until you sell something, you don’t make money. As true as this statement is, there’s another thing that all sales people know: The best way to make money is to keep your customers satisfied, so they continue to buy from you.

Servant Salesmanship will provide students with a solid understanding of the process of selling.  Beginning with understanding what business you are really in, and why people buy from you, to developing a sales process, Servant Salesmanship imparts the art of serving, rather than selling, your customers.   We’ll teach you that the key to building strong customer relationships is to build profit generating partnerships with your customers.  Servant Salesmanship will teach you how to ask for the order with the primary motive of benefiting the customer.

Servant Salesmanship builds on earlier lessons related to the book publishing industry.  Each lesson begins with a Bible passage and secular business quote designed to focus the learning objectives for that session.  We’ll walk you through the steps understanding what is meant by “servant” salesmanship. We’ll cover customer prospecting, understanding your company story and how that relates to the desires of your customers.  Based on this information, we’ll consider how to craft your sales pitch, develop a sales presentation that meets the needs of your customer, and finally asking for your customer’s business and closing the sale.

We hope you'll examine the FREE introduction. This course is the COMPLETE course.  This course has been developed by having real live students work through all the aspects that we discuss here.
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