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The Perfect Crime

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The Perfect Crime

A Vince Grayson Adventure

by Dixon Kinqade

E-Book: 2023 Digital Edition

Format: PDF

Length: Short Story

Page Count: 21 including front cover

Word Count: 6,400 approximately

Dixon Kinqade is proud to present an intriguing short story of death and deceit! This tale chronicles one misadventure of, world-famous mystery novelist, Vince Grayson and Dr. Jim Dobbs, an aspiring criminal mastermind. Join us, as the good Doctor attempts to baffle our hero by committing the perfect crime!

Northern Illinois University

1425 West Lincoln Highway DeKalb, IL. 60115

My dear Mr. Grayson,

I do not address you as Box 16, because I've managed to uncover your identity. Having read your advertisement, I was intrigued. It required a bit of investigation and a little financial coaxing, but I managed to establish the connection between your name and this box number.

I recognized the name at once. A few years back, you conducted a guest lecture about creative mystery writing at Northern Illinois University. I am a criminology professor there and attended that lecture.

In the course of discussion, you addressed the eternal challenge of inventing the perfect crime. Being as that subject is my area of expertise, I took it upon myself as a personal challenge to do just that. I now believe that I have something of enormous importance to both of us.

As an author of mystery stories, it may interest you to know that I have constructed the perfect crime and I'm going to commit it! Won't you be my audience? If it pleases you, come to my office at the university.


Dr. Jim Dobbs, PhD.

Dept. of Sociology

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