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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

By Sergius Nilus (Translated from Russian by Victor E. Marsden)

Given the title and even the contents of this book, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that the Jews have a plot to take over the world. After all, the book presents us with (anonymous) senior Zionist "Elders". What we need to consider as we look at the Protocols is the deviousness of other parties who are actually trying to conceal their own identities. 

This book has been rigorously denied as a fake by Jews since it first appeared, which is not at all surprising. But then reading the introduction to the Protocols (added by Elect Bible Ministries in this edition) you can clearly see that those responsible are not what they seem.

That sect of Jews named by Jesus Christ in the Bible (The Pharisees) is dedicated to following the Teachings (of men) in The Talmud. Their sect began during the time of the captivity in Babylon and has grown in influence ever since. Christ himself recognised the evil that they represented and chastised them at every opportunity.

The sheer hatred of Christ and his followers is very apparent in the Talmud and this version of Judaism is has continued until even today, having been scattered in the sacking of Jerusalem in 70ad. It splintered and went in the same many directions of all the disparate Jews, continuing as "The Kabal", becoming an international underground organisation.

Some believe that the Protocols are in fact those of the Illuminati group and were the brainchild of Albert Pike, the 19th century Freemanson who rose to the title of "Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry" (Satan - Prince of this world, p66 - W. G. Carr). Pike has been shown to have lived a double life, being a high-level member of the Illuminati (a secret organisation within the Freemsons).

Whatever the truth of the Protocols, the fact remains that they exist and while reading them, you will be left in no doubt whatsoever, that these Protocols are being played out in the world today in the same manner that they are written.

Read them for yourself and decide. But having read them, it behooves us to read the other materials I present here (and more) in order to get a more rounded picture of the evils we face, where it originated and where it is leading the world in the future.

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