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Embers of the Raven (The Christmas Raven #1)

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Beneath the dark polar night sky the troll lopes across the Arctic landscape collecting children for a feast.

Nissimaaq, the hunter, enlists the help of a northern dwarf, Mikissok, and his raven to return the children to their family before the turn of winter.

Inspired by Greenlandic mythical beings, this short Christmas story captures the dramatic winter landscape of Greenland with a festive twist for the holidays.

Embers of the Raven is a short story, the first of 3 short fantasy stories set in Greenland.

The Christmas Raven series includes:
  1. Embers of the Raven
  2. Ravenmind
  3. The Dwarves of Ravenbjerg
All three books are available in the omnibus edition The Christmas Raven (coming soon!).

Pick up Embers of the Raven today for a mythical Christmas read!
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