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A team of oddballs, an unlikely mission, hidden agendas, and a gruesome secret.


Agnet Krause is a seasoned operative, but after a devastating loss, she's struggling to find her footing. When she's assigned to lead a team of misfit operatives on a last-minute mission to investigate "monsters" at the Ridgelands Penal Farm, she's skeptical.


But horrifying apparitions really do haunt the farm, and the entire inmate population refuses to work in the fields. The penal colony can't survive without the harvest, and the city can't lose another food source.


When Agnet and the team delve into the mystery, they uncover a situation far more complicated than suspected. Monsters roam the dangerous landscape of the farm and surrounding forested exclusion zone, a mysterious presence lurks over the ridge, but worst-a sinister plot threatens their entire society.


The team must use all their training, talents, wits, and compassion to head off an impending catastrophe.


With unexpected allies and surprising twists at every turn, Harvest of Shadows is a thrilling science fiction adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Harvest of Shadows is a science fiction mystery-adventure with a touch horror and the metaphysical, multiple points-of-view, and a diverse cast.

"A fun read about 5 traumatised co-workers sent to fight monsters on a farm by a corrupt future government."

"The thing that really stands out to me, however, is the skill with which Jorette has captured the voices of the diverse cast of characters making up this book."

"The world building is great and very naturally delivered by Jorette's characters (a welcome relief from the walls of exposition normally encountered in Sci-Fi)."

"A must read for horror-podcast fans."

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