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The Sydney Razor Gangs

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June 1928. East Sydney has another name: Razorhurst.


The districts of Darlinghurst, King’s Cross, Woolloomooloo and Surry Hills are a warren of sprawling slums and ramshackle, rat-infested terraces, home to violent criminals, whores, alcoholics, drug addicts and anyone too poor to move somewhere nicer. It’s a place where you can indulge all your vices. 
The swirl of criminality in Razorhurst is founded on a slew of prohibitions: evening drinking, off-track betting, prostitution, and narcotics. These bans all offer opportunities for people prepared to go the extra mile to meet customer demand. And to fight for their piece of the pie. Two ruthless women, Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, stand at the centre of this underworld, leading rival gangs in a ferocious feud. 

 For an illustrated intro to the Razorhurst era and its two chief crime queens, check out this comic by Rejected Princesses:

The Sydney Razor Gangs contains 26 pages of antipodean villainy, including new rules, new character types, setting material and 6 real-life figures of the Razorhurst underworld for use as quickstart Player Characters. 

You'll need the Malandros RPG to make best use of this PDF - visit to get a copy in print or PDF for money, or read it for free in the online version. 

You will get a PDF (4MB) file