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Shifters in Plaid signed by Jessica Coulter Smith & Kenna McKay

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A shifter can only deny his destined mate for so long before the beast takes over.

Ranald’s Mate: Ranald has resigned himself to an arranged mating with a lass he can barely tolerate. He never counted on her turning into a feisty beauty! But if there’s one thing Ranald knows how to do, it’s woo a lass. His mate doesn’t stand a chance.

Highland Shifter’s Baby: One sniff and Camdan knows Lily’s his destined mate. Too bad she’s off-limits -- or is she? When the temptation becomes too great, Cam knows he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Lily and make her his.

Mad, Bad Bear: Tavish MacBride insists Jessalyn Delaney is his destined mate, and he’s determined to claim her and her cubs even though she’s human. Dealing with her violent ex is easy enough -- Tavish isn’t afraid of shedding a little blood. But first, he has a mate to claim… and what a claiming it will be!