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5-course guitar: Voboam

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This set of plans contains the to make a variety of Voboam style guitars. Based on a reengineered basic model, you can choose a multitude of different inlays, moustaches, headstocks and rosettes to your own liking.

The whole range of Voboams is covered, from simple, basic models to the ones with elaborate decorations fit for the court of Louis XIV.

You have the possibility to choose between:
  • 6 headstocks
  • 5 sets of moustaches
  • 4 paper/parchment rosettes from a simple flat model to multi-level 3D
  • various inlays for back, sides, soundhole, lower block, fingerboard and binding
All in all over 250 different possible combinations... (!)

The complete set consists PDF’s of:

  • 3 full size A0 plans for the guitars
  • 1 plan with patterns for moulds and the solera (A1)
  • 4 different patterns for paper/parchment rosettes (printable on A4)
  • 5 files with inlay patterns and headstock templates (printable on A4)
  • A free bonus plan of a small Voboam style guitar 4 or 5cs in A, including its rosette
  • Pictures of historical paintings with Voboam guitars

This is the most extensive set of plans I have made to date.
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (11MB)
  • ZIP (924KB)
  • ZIP (1MB)
  • PDF (10MB)

5-course guitar: Gosewyn Spyker - Amsterdam, 1760


Stradivari - MS 750