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Break Me

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I didn’t know I was submissive, not until I met Him, not until he threatened to pull me over his knees. That began a journey I hadn’t expected to love so very much. And when I lost him, the man I’d called Sir, lover, partner… I retreated inside myself, adrift and uncertain. I put one foot in front of the other, shutting off my emotions, my needs. I was content to simply exist.

Then, Jared came along. Sitting in my café, browsing my bookshelves, quietly pushing himself under my skin until I was no longer content to exist inside my walls. He was different than the man I’d lost, but at the same time, he was everything I’d tried to hide from, everything I had convinced myself I no longer wanted.

Jared, patient and kind, wanted me. He wanted my submission. But how could I give it? How could I allow him to break me when I didn’t want to be broken anymore?

Author’s Note: This is not your typical BDSM book. These are not your typical BDSM characters. The pain of loss and the catalyst who brings about healing are contained within these pages. Read at your own risk.
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