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Choosing, Receiving, Being - All 3 Calls

In these calls, Keisha and Alun explore and talk about Choosing, Receiving, And Being.

What is Choosing? How much ease do you have with it? Does too much choice seem to overwhelm you so, that you prefer to have limited choices available? How right and wrong do you make yourself when it comes to past choices and what you’d actually like to choose? And how often do you try to choose in ways that you hope won’t annoy or upset others, so much so that you’d rather suffer yourself than do that? Would you like a different perspective and experience of choice and choosing?

What about Receiving? How willing are you to receive without feeling obligated? Who are you willing to receive from and who are you unwilling to receive from? What about receiving you? Saaay whaaaat?! Yes indeed – how willing are you to receive all of YOU? Would you be willing to receive EVERYTHING – the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly? Would you like to be more aware of where you’re cutting off receiving the very things that you’ve been desiring to choose and have in your life?

There is a lot of talk about “Being” and what it is. What if Choosing and Receiving are integral elements of Being? Who you think you are being very rarely has any similarity to the Being you truly are. And why should you even care about that? After all, isn’t life all about making enough money to survive whilst doing your best not to hurt anyone in the process? And hey, if you get a few cuts and bruises on the way it just shows you how lucky you are to be alive and that you are alive. (Right?)

What if other possibilities exist for Choosing, Receiving, And Being? If you could choose and receive anything, who would you be? What if you don’t have to keep making yourself wrong for being you and for desiring to choose and receive something different from others around you? What if Choice and Receiving are superpowers that will change anything in your life? What if Being you, and choosing to choose and receive with ease is the gift you came here to be?

Keisha Clark and Alun Jones invite you to join them on this 3-part tele-series where they will get curious about choosing, receiving, and Being. They’ll be sharing insights, awareness, and some dynamic tools for creating the change in your life that you’ve been seeking. They will facilitate, coach, and empower you to be more present with your choices and your willingness to receive.

You may purchase the individual call recordings for £26 ($40) each or the whole series for £65 ($100). What would be the greatest contribution to you and your life?

Are you ready to be choosing and receiving in ways that work for you rather than against you?

Are you ready to allow yourself to receive everything you are without making yourself wrong for it?

Are you ready to Be you, choose for you, and receive what you truly desire without apology?

Dare you be that different?

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