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The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Transcriptions)

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Welcome To: The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Transcriptions)

Please note, this is a completely free download & features 65 drum transcriptions, ranging from classic pop to progressive rock, with contemporary jazz & swing.

The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Transcriptions) also features 65 MP3 solo drum backing tracks of each transcription.

Learning a transcription is like having a drum lesson from the drummer on the recording. Not only that you will learn iconic drum grooves and drum fills etc., that have stood the test of time, while at the same time you get to develop your sightreading skills. Not bad hey, especially considering that this is free...

(Please note: This is an interactive PDF ebook. Therefore to navigate throughout the book, simply click on any topic shown within the table of contents, as well as the list of transcriptions - in order of appearance, pages. Doing so will take you directly to the page listed. 

To go back, at any time, to the table of contents and the master transcriptions listing pages, simply click on the top title of any page to do so).    

What makes this method totally unique, compared to other drum transcriptions on offer today, is the inclusion of the MP3 Solo Drum Backing Tracks.

These solo drum backing tracks can be utilized for playing along to, as an alternative to playing along to the original band recordings of the tunes and they are also useful for simply listening to, to enable you to hear exactly how the notes on the page should be played.

When you utilize your ear, combined with your reading ability, this will help you to develop a more fluent reading style. Improving your reading though is only a side benefit of what this method really has to offer.

By learning a drum transcription, you are learning note for note, what a drummer has played on a well-known tune, by a famous band, or famous recording artist.

Therefore you are learning beats and patterns that are tried & proven, that are timeless and that have been played by the best drummers of today and yesterday.    

The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Transcriptions) has initially been designed the work in conjunction with The Complete Drummer's Guide (Printed and eBook Versions) and can be utilized as an additional study source, to the 147 Backing Tracks (Plus Drum Charts) that are supplied with all purchases of The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book of Drum Charts).

The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Transcriptions) can also be integrated into any drum set study program, no matter what method is utilized as the main study source.

Please Note: that a link, shown in the foreword section of this book, is presented (for both PC and Mac users) to where you can download, for free, the latest VLC Media Player. By having a VLC Player this means you can easily slow down or speed up, the MP3 solo drum backing tracks at will.

So, for no cost to you, you will have at your disposal 65 meticulously written drum transcriptions, ranging from easy to very advanced, that will keep you busy for a very long time.

To download a copy for free, simply click on the "Download Now" or the "Add To Cart" Button.

Good luck and have fun! 

You will get the following files:
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