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Wonderful, Colourful, Magnificent (Picture Book, Large Size)

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Marta is a little girl who is naturally free-spirited and highly imaginative. She derives joy from her imagination, normally, and no less so on this one day when, at school, she paints a wildly imaginative picture. As can happen when someone goes against the grain, Marta’s new painting is met with reminders of ‘how things are,’ rather than appreciation of how things can be through the eyes of a child.

Understandably, Marta’s spirit begins to waver. She goes through a gamut of emotions, naming colours to describe these emotions, which include fear, worry, shyness, and embarrassment. As the story progresses, she is guided by her mother to listen to her own instincts, and to trust in her own spirit. Marta once again uses colour words to represent her emotions, which now include happiness, relief, joy, and a renewed pride in her power of imagination.

42 pages
8.5" x 11"
Recommended Age 4-8 years