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Keep your supernatural rivals close. Really close…

When a popular and wealthy werewolf shows an interest in her, Elspeth Murray walks away without a backward glance. Regrets—yep, she has a few, but she’s an intelligent dragon. Playing sensual games with a wolf isn’t worth the aggravation and becoming entangled in a dangerous battle of passion and politics. No thanks!

Iain Murray can’t shove the siren dragon woman from his mind, despite the drama dallying with her might cause in his pack. He understands that pursuing her could have deadly consequences for himself and his species. But the pull of their undeniable chemistry is too strong to ignore, and soon he finds himself embarking on a risky bout of cat and mouse with his own kind. As the tension mounts, Elspeth and Iain must decide whether to risk everything or walk away from the only true love they’ve ever known.


Contains a paranormal world on the cusp of significant change. Humans, stand back. Let’s watch the shenanigans unfold… 

You will get a EPUB (1MB) file
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