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Introduction to digital wellbeing coaching kit

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A set of tools and digital wellbeing theory for coaches and aspiring coaches who are interested in helping others build healthier digital habits. These tools are used by Consciously Digital coaches worldwide. Consciously Digital is the only training program in the world in digital wellbeing coaching certified by two major coaching associations, ICF and NBHWC.

The kit is suitable for all levesl of coaches, or those without any coaching qualification who want to help themselves develop better digital habits. It includes:

1. Recording of three webinars by Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina that explain what digital wellbeing coaching is about and CD coaching model (9.99 GBP each worth)
- Foundations of Digital Wellbeing Coaching (1 hour, July 2020), mp4
- Coaching Remote Workers for Digital Wellbeing (1 hour, July 2021), mp4
- Digital Wellbeing for Coaching, Mindfulness and Helping professionals (48 minutes, February 2022), mp4

2. Copy of the e-book Homo Distractus: Fight for Your Choices and Identity in the Digital Age, pdf version (15 GBP worth). The book talks about the latest neuroscience research and explains in detail, how our devices change our behaviour.

3. Set of digital detox cards with 30 powerful questions, pdf.
Print them on thick paper (both sides) and use to raise awareness in individual clients about their digital behaviour or as a warm-up exercise for your group/team work. The full digital detox cards printed set is 20GBP worth.
Plus, you get a list of 25 powerful questions to ask your clients on one pdf to make things things easier.

4. Coaching exercises templates
You get a sample schedule to avoid digital distractions that you can use with your clients and a Wheel of Life exercise applied to person's digital habits.

Happy Coaching!

Copyright notice: if you use any tools or research by Consciously Digital, please put a reference. Do NOT share any of these resources publicly, please.
You will get the following files:
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