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Duality at the Surface, Oneness Underneath

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Regardless your religious (non-)affinities, what does the figure of Jesus-Yeshua-Isa mean to you? What do you see in the picture of the crucified Christ which hangs in many a Christian church - what does this image signify to you? And in the Calvary? You don’t have to be a Christian to understand and apply the messages of this symbolic, towards a liberated life. Did you know by the way that the sacred book of the Quiché Mayans, the Popol Vuh, shares many similarities with the sacred books of the Jewish faith and hence also the Christian Old Testament? The Mayans independently came to very similar conclusions and symbolic, ever wondered how this was possible?

The question can also be put as follows: do you wish to be a more balanced person who instead of being pulled between two poles (feeling-thinking, being-doing, negative-positive, bad-good, anger-peace, etc.) can access both sides in life in a balanced way?

For a balanced life and all the positive this can bring you, in terms of inner peace, self-knowledge, true Love, etc. ?

After reading this book you will have insights into the duality, the dual aspects, which are present in your own being. You are a combination of all kinds of complementary opposites. This book describes how you can balance these using insights and messages contained in different spiritual-religious symbolic and stories. The message of the book is that only through the knowledge and the balancing of both poles can a human "enter Paradise". If you wish to live in “Paradise”, then you have to know this doesn’t concern a place but rather a level of Consciousness that every human can attain. Through our “talent” of (self-)consciousness we can direct ourselves… to a paradisiacal life. This book shows the way.

Number of pages: 125

Table of Contents

0. “In the beginning the Lord created [...] the infinitely good and the infinitely evil [...]” Did That Part Of The Message Truly Get Lost?       1
I. The Christ And Humanity’s Original Sins ... Indeed, That Is Plural... But Not About "Sins"       9
  (i)- The Crown Of Thorns       11
  (ii)- The Cross       15
     + “I Am That I Am”       31
  (iii)- The Piercing Of JC’s Right Side       34
  (iv)- The Nails In The Hands And Feet       37
  (v)- The Path Leading To Mount Golgotha     42
  (vi)- The Two Thieves Beside Him       43
  (vii)- The Torn Temple Veil       44
II. Deep Gratitude Owed       45
III. The Sacred Tree In Each Of Us   58
     + The Tree As Axis Mundi       82
     + Gingko Biloba, A Real Life Symbol Of The Sacred Tree       93
IV. A Summary: The 777 Message And The 7 Principles Set Out In The Kybalion       95
     + Some numerological and mystical teasers, intended to show the beauty of the human transformation potential messages       101
     + The fate of the God hypothesis   106
     + To conclude with two messages, from Hinduism and from the Rosicrucians’ Kybalion       109
     + Some more to consider       112


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From the author also read "In You you should trust".


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