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LTD2 (Lay the Draw) E-Book

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Dear Friend,

The LTD2 lay the draw system has been proven to generate significant income over the long term. The best part is that it’s all done with MINIMAL RISK. You won’t be blowing your bank and risking your hard-earned cash.

You WILL be building your bank slowly, but surely in a safe and controlled way. The priority is NOT to lose your bank. If you can achieve that, then you are already outperforming most of the punters and traders on Betfair.

Over a 12 month period, I recorded a profit of £898.51 using just small stakes of around £10. My return on investment (ROI) was 9.44%. A return that most traders and investors can only dream about! In total, I made over 65 points profit when compounding my profits.

In February 2021, I started another LTD2 run, posting my tips to my website and Telegram Channel. I have already made a great start!

The new LTD2 (Lay the Draw) book contains 90 pages of information on my version of lay the draw and offers advice and tips so you can start making consistent profits on Betfair.

Also included in this edition is extensive information on my Cheatsheet including a link to download your own copy. The Cheatsheet is my secret method of finding lots of goals!

Who is the LTD2 E-Book for?

This E-Book is for you if you want to earn an extra income trading football matches on Betfair with minimal risk.

It's for you if you are tired of losing or confused by all the conflicting information found online from those who claim to be successful, but in most cases aren't.

Then there are the "Gurus"!

You know, the ones who churn out YouTube videos telling you how easy it is to win, providing you with tips but failing to ever publish their own profit and loss accounts!

This E-Book is only for you if you are willing to put in the effort and not give up after one or two losing trades.

This E-Book is also not for you if you are looking for a get-rich-quick solution or looking for someone else to make you rich. (Neither of those is a reality!)

If you are seeking fame and fortune with zero effort, it would be best to click away now and carry on giving your money to other Betfair traders.

I can't guarantee you overnight riches, however, you can be CERTAIN that you will see consistent wins using LTD2 if you adopt the attitude of a professional trader and not of a desperate gambler.

Take action today and grow your bank slowly and safely.

Don’t be just another one of the 95% of Betfair traders who lose!

Get instant access to this E-Book and join the 5% of Betfair traders who make a consistent profit week in, week out!

Your destiny is in YOUR hands! The answers you are seeking are in my E-Books, NOT in internet forums!

If you have any questions about this or any other of my E-Books, please visit my website

Version: February 2022
You will get a PDF (12MB) file
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