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More than a soap - English Version

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The 'More than a soap' book is more than 100 pages resource for those willing to get into making of soaps home using the cold processed method, but also for those already making soaps and willing to experiment some different ingredients. Normally making soaps means using water but why if you would you replace the water by a different liquid so that your soap gets even better?!

The sections include:

My story of getting into soapmaking.
Necessary equipment.
Necessary ingredients.
The formulating of the soap recipe.
The steps for making the soap.
The (other) ingredients one can use in soap.
The problems which may occur while making soaps.
Soaps based on drinks - recipes.
Savory soaps - recipes.
Dessert soaps -recipes.
Special soaps - recipes.

30 soap recipes which look good enough to eat!
You will get a PDF (12MB) file
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