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Love is for suckers. At least that’s how Ford and Celeste both feel. Ford lost his wife on their honeymoon, leaving him completely broken. Celeste has never found a man worthy enough to sweep her off her feet. But when the two collide one night at a masquerade sex club, they both get a taste they never thought they’d want more of. It’s too bad they never exchanged any information or even saw each other’s faces. The only thing they have is their memories from that night. His eyes and her given pet name are all they have to go on. Three months later, Celeste decides to sell part of her company to the richest man in the country. But little does she know that it’s the mysterious man from her mind blowing one-night stand. Ford Reyes offers her more than a company-merging contract. He wants her. All of her. For one month. No strings attached. Signing on the dotted line, Celeste has no clue that she signed her entire life away to him. They begin the most explosive relationship they’ve ever been in, falling for each other in more ways than they want to admit. What’s supposed to be a sexual contract eventually turns into something neither of them wanted: Love. Happily-ever-after didn’t exist to either of them, but when you meet your soulmate by chance, how can you ignore it?
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