Bees & Flowers

by Mamba Books & Publishing......Lafayette A. Johnson Jr.,Ph.D. in Creative Writing, Literature, and E

Bees And Flowers - Young readers love the clip Art in this books as they explore the world of bees & flowers. Bees and flowers need each other. The bees need food from the flower and the flower make seeds with the help of bees.’

Bees live and work in communities. They are skilled builders and model housekeepers. They are social insects living in hives with many cells or little rooms for different uses. There are many kinds of jobs to be done in the colony; females are the workers who are also the builders, nurses, food gatherers, and maids. The workers also make the wax for the cells, clean the cells, make the food, and even keep the hive cool by making wind with their wings. Young female bees are house bees and later they become field bees who look for flowers and bring back nectar to the hive.

There is one queen who lays all the eggs in the hive; she can lay 1500 eggs a day. The male bees are called drones; their job is to mate with the queen.

Bees are important to us: we use their wax for candles and lipstick, we like to eat their honey. You should thank bees for the food you eat.

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