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Anjello Advanced Rig v3.21

Have you ever wanted a Minecraft rig for Cinema 4D? If that's the case, then you're in luck!

The Anjello Advanced Rig is a steve rig that is flexible enough to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for a rig that supports HD skins, extrudable parts, or a simple rig yet a lot of features, the rig has them all!

Features like Anishwij Rig, Simplicity like the FMR Rig.

With no lag.

This rig is created from the ground up. Unlike any other custom FMR rig, what you're getting is a completely different experience from any other FMR edits.

Anjello Rig Features:
  • HD Skin Support
  • Custom Eye Texture
  • Extrudable
  • Auto Walk
  • IK / FK Controls
  • Fingers
  • Rigid Bends
  • Wrist Bends
  • Smooth Edges
  • Fancy Feet
  • Alex Model Support
  • Armors and Tools
  • Feminine Body Type Support
  • and many more!

Future Features I'm working on:
  • R19+ Extrude Support
  • Custom HD Pupils Presets
  • (If you want to request a feature, feel free to tell me over at my Twitter account: @HeyItsAnjello)

Full Features / Update Log (Very Long):
Version 3.21 - Green
+Fixed Right Arm Texture Extrude

Version 3.2 - Green
+Fixed Pupil Shines location
+Added a Pupil Preset
+Changeable Pupils Texture
+HD Skins Support
+Fixed Lip UV Map
+Fixed Shoulder Control default position
+Arm and Leg Taper changed to sliders
+Added "Controllers" Layer (Eye button to hide)
-Changed the Head Control Color at Head Controls
+Deletable Head (Just move the helmet outside the head)
+New CMOTION (Updated Normal Walking)
+Added Extrudable Second Layer Mesh
+Fixed colored default textures inside binds

DEFAULT: Can extrude 64x64 skins as usual, but cannot handle HD skins correctly

HD: Can handle HD skins, but can't extrude due to glitched sides.

EXPERIMENTAL: Can both handle HD skins, and extrude at the same time. The catch is it may have glitched edges, and can't modify smooth edges due to stretching of skin in the sides.

Version 3.1 - Green
+Improved Cmotion
+Added External Userdata Controls
+Limit Z Axis on Face Controls
+Named Xpressos and Locked it
+Fixed the Jaw (No longer have to mouth stretch texture)
+Head Smooth Out Teeth Fix Showing Edge
+Flat Teeth Thickness
+Fancy Feet Fix
+Added Head as Object Control Setting
+Fixed the back side of the texture of fingers
+Fixed Armor and Second Layer Fat Slider
+Added Body Slim Slider
+Added Rig Presets!
+Changed Default Skin

Version 3 - Green
+FIXED ANIMATION DELAY (This is finally fixed, this was a problem in the previous versions where the bends delay a frame)
+Auto Extrude! (Body, Arms, and Legs)
+Added Auto Walk!
+New CMotion Walk!
+Added Visual Selector!
+Added New 3D Second Layer!
+Added Jaw! (Needs to enable Mouth Texture Stretch first)
+Extended Controller Size (Small bumps in the middle of the controls)
+Moved Bind Items to the parts itself (Ctrl+F and find "Bind") (This fixes delay)
+Smooth Bulge Remade (I've made it so you can extrude it while in this form)
+Smooth Bulge More Controls
+Added Head Boole (So that you don't see the body mesh inside the mouth)
+Added Arm Stretch Setting
+Added Armor Bend Setting
+Added Leather Armor Texture
+Changed Armor Models (Separated 3D models for each type of armor)
+3D Second Layer are now resizable
+Added Monobrow Depth Setting
+Added Higher Eyebrow Height Setting
+Fixed Big Pupil Center Resize (For better resizing of big pupils)
+Added Pupils Boole (Pupils won't go outside head or go inside the mouth)
+Added More Pupils Settings (Added depth and more smooth out settings)
+Added Mouth Smoothness Settings
+Added Mouth Settings (Texture, Sharp Mouth, Mouth Position stay at top)
+Added More Teeth Settings (Teeth following the mouth, etc.)
+Added Trident and Shield in Tools
+Added Small Anime Eye
+Added Flat Teeth with Teeth Gap Settings
+Added Boole-like Mouth (Not a real boole mouth, just a replica)
+Fixed Fingers Controls (You can reset PSR)
+Added Eye Colors in Skins
+Added Nintendo Switch MC Ver (Extra)
+Added Kagamine Headphones (Extra)

Version 2.2 - Red
+Locked the Shoulder Pad Armor (Forgot to lock it)
+You can now put each armor a leather mark (It used to be all leather marked)
+Fixed the Deformers when extruded (Last time it wasn’t working properly if you extruded)
+Added HyperNURBS Subdivision Settings
+Fixed CMotion Fancy Feet

Version 2.1 - Red
+Fixed the helmet bind (Forgot to put it inside the head control folder)

Version 2 - Red
+Smooth Edges
+Smooth Bulge
+Fixed 3D Hat
+More Deformers
-Removed Old Deformer
+Simplified Armor UserData
+Simplified Tools UserData
+Walking CMotion (Just an experiment, but it works)
+Resizable Second Layer
+Added Alex Arms
+Second Layer Alex Arms
=Legs Taper Changed
=Arms Taper Changed
+Added Elbow Goal-like FK
+You are no longer limited to a single type Armor
+Leather Armor Patterns/Marks
-Removed the unlocked hand (Left Hand Object selectable)
+Extrudable Body! + Auto weight Body
-Removed old Arms,Body objects/meshes, replaced with the newest objects/meshes
+Improved Hip Control
-Removed Body Auto Rotate Control
=Replaced Back Control for Hip Control
-Removed Armor Resizable (No need to resize if you have second layer)
=Witch hat moved to the Extras folder (No longer can be found at the UserData)
=Noses moved to the Extras folder
+Added some few extras
+Added Chainmail Armor
=Changed Default Controls Color to Red
+Added Eye Depth Setting
+Added Eyebrow Depth Setting
+Added Monobrow Depth Setting
+Added Mouth Smoothness Setting
+Added Smooth Edges Pupils Setting
+Added Cute Pupil Shine
=Replaced old pupils controls with new pupils controls
+Added enable/disable pupils controls
-Removed Mouth Stretch (I made the mouth and the head all in one)
+Added UV Pose Morphs in the Head (Fixed moving parts textures)
=Replaced/Fixed the Goal Controls
-Removed Bind Items Body (Just place your item to the bones)

Version 1 - Purple
Custom Skin
Custom Body Size
Custom Head Size
Second Layers (Whole Body)
Extrudable Arms/Legs (Self Weight)
Girl Rig Customizations:
-Chest Size
-Hips Curve
-Shoulder Curve
-Legs Curve
Hand and Foot Goals with Poles
Hips Control
Auto Rotate Control
FK Controls
Sharp Bends/Rigid Bends
Fancy Feet
Elbow/Knee Rotation Limit Enable/Disable
Leg Stretch
Custom Control Color
Custom Cape
Custom Colored Cape
Fat Slider (Make your Character fat)
Different Kinds of Armors
Custom Colored Leather Armor
Armor for Second Layer
Different Kinds of Tools
Arms/Legs Bend Effector
Wrist Bends
Facial Expression:
-Small/Big Pupils
Second Layer
3D Second Layer
Teeth w/ Gap
Teeth w/o Gap
Witch Hat
5 Types of Noses
Auto Look Control
Mouth Texture Stretch On/Off

You will get a ZIP (49MB) file

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