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Dirty Desire: A M/M Taboo Romance

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Dirty Desire: A M/M Taboo Romance (a Dread+Terrible prequel novella) 

The only family Dax claims are his small circle of friends and Deacon. He and Deacon share everything. Or they used to, because nowadays Dax has to make the first move if he wants any kind of face time. Deacon might think running and hiding will change the way they feel, but Dax could have told him…

There’s no escape.

For Deacon, Dax is an addiction he can’t shake. Leaving town didn’t work. Random hookups with strangers didn’t work either. He’s back, but still unable to ask for what he wants. It’s wrong. So wrong.

But nothing ever feels as right as Dax on him, or he on Dax.

One look, one touch, and they’re lost. Once again succumbing to every dirty desire. But Dax is getting tired of the chase, so Deacon has to decide one last time what wins: his fear and shame, or their love.

Warning: This book is taboo as hell. Expect a whole lotta filthiness (I’m not playing, we get downright nasty). Fisting. M/F action. M/M/M action. Group sex. A crew of black men who love each other, would die for each other, and aren’t afraid to touch and be touched. A lil angst (The tiniest bit. You heard me). Some violence. If any of the aforementioned offends you, please don’t read. HEA always guaranteed.
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