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Actualizing the Best in Marriage

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The marriage institution historically is regarded as the oldest in the world, starting from Adam and Eve who were the first couple to exist. It has gone through turbulence situations all over the world. Most times the problems associated with marriage are caused by impatience, lack of understanding for each other, incompatibility, jealousy or distrust, intolerance, selfishness etc among the people concerned. 

In this book most of the things needed to sanitize the marriage institution to make it function better, are well enumerated for the understanding of all. Among them are those major bad habits people usually overlook, which often lead to marriage break up. Others are how to identify and keep away the main problems that can negatively influence a marital union, including reasons why many married people tend to still remain unmarried and also the basis for some advanced people not getting married even at a very ripe age.  

Another interesting part of the book is the chapter with the caption ‘successful marriage voices’. In this section many couples who have had a very good marriage, used the opportunity of the interview conducted with them to voice out those things that made their marriages successful.
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