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The Unity Game [e-book]

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What if the Earth you knew was just the beginning?

A New York banker is descending into madness.
A being from an advanced civilization is racing to stay alive.
A dead man must reveal the secrets of a new dimension to save his loved ones.

Can these characters see through the game to the ultimate reality, and transform everything they have ever known, before life on Earth plummets into a hellish nightmare?

From the visions of Socrates in ancient Athens, to the birth of free will aboard a spaceship headed to Earth, The Unity Game tells a story of wonder and discovery in a universe more ingenious and surprising than you ever thought possible.

A “mind-bending sci-fi saga that stretches across time and space!” - Bookbub

“A complex, ambitious, and thought-provoking novel” - Kirkus Reviews

With this metaphysical thriller, author Leonora Meriel “leaves you questioning everything you know” - Goodreads reviewer
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