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We’d love to have you in our “Complete Guide to SEO for Wedding Professionals” course where we break down every misconception about SEO, simplify it to a proven formula that is easy to implement with step-by-step instructions, show you how to create amazing content that is valuable to your audience, and most importantly: attract amazing clients like clockwork and on autopilot.

If you are tired of endlessly replying to brides-to-be in wedding planning groups on Facebook, unreliable word of mouth referrals, occasional “friendor” referrals – then you need an SEO strategy that will allow you to bring dream clients to your inbox simply because you did the work to show up on Google. You literally didn’t have to do anything. They came to you. Doesn’t that sound amazing? A good SEO strategy means that you spend less time chasing down bargain hunter clients. It means you can focus on better serving your paying clients while automatically bringing new ones to your inbox.

Did we mention that besides the cost of the course, everything we teach is 100% free to implement into your own business?  We had a super limited marketing budget when we created this tried and true framework, too. So we totally get it. This $100 could buy you and your hubby a much deserved date night.

Or, it could be spent on this lifetime access course which will show you exactly how to attract clients who are happy to spend thousands of dollars with you. You’re worth the investment, right? Do you believe in your business enough to invest less than a hundred dollars? Then let’s do this! We will teach you literally everything we know.

We can’t wait to teach you everything we know, and help you build the dream business you absolutely deserve

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