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IELTS Study Planner 2023 (BLANK)

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You know that you need to do more IELTS practice, but you just can't find the time to do it.

So here's the solution.

My IELTS Study Planner is a 65-page A4 diary (so you can remember what day it is), journal (so you can write down everything you learnt) and organiser, so you can plan ahead according to your timetable.

It's also a memory-jogger (print it off and carry it around with you) and a record of everything you've achieved.

It includes:

  • a blank calendar (you fill in the days and dates)
  • a page for Post-It notes
  • a Habit Tracker
  • a Mock Test Tracker
  • 31 pages for daily planning
  • 4 pages of weekly planning
  • 4 weekly review pages
  • 2 blank Notes pages
  • 1 blank Quotes page
  • 2 blank Tips pages
  • 1 blank Website page
  • 2 blank Grammar pages
  • 8 blank pages for your own categories
  • FREE 28-day Academic Study Plan

Remember that once you have the blank planner, you can print it off as many times as you want, or only print the pages that you need.

So the planner can be used again and again because you can always print more pages.

The planner encourages you to make and review goals, keep records of learning and do something each day, for example:

  • Day 1 - Writing Task 1
  • Day 2 - Writing Task 2
  • Day 3 - Reading
  • Day 4 - Listening
  • Day 5 - Speaking and Pronunciation
  • Day 6 - Review/relax
  • Day 7 - Test

How is the Study PLANNER different from the Study PLAN?

The 28-day Study Plan is a 4-page plan of action for 28 days of IELTS preparation, with links to lessons on my website. Get this FREE when you add it to your shopping basket at checkout.

The Study Planner is a 65-page blank diary so that you can fill it in as you work through the planner or my courses.

Follow me on social media, or check in on my Daily Tips page, for daily advice and tasks.

Buy any of my products or courses to get access to the Facebook group for 28-day Bootcampers.

You will get a PDF (16MB) file

Customer Reviews

Nguyễn Đức A.

Verified Buyer

3 months ago

A flexible planner - more chances to organize and manage everything you need

1. Appearance
- It's a beautiful planner with great colorful combination, I think (Actually I'm really one for the color Fiona use in any of her products).
- The letter is very clear.
2. Content and organization
* You can see in this planner, Fiona organized each part very clearly for each specific purposes [Overall calendar with a table including key dates and event - helps me keep track when I can be free and when I need to do the work; Reminders Noteboard - very appropriate for the people usually forgetting everything or having too much work and deadline to meet - you can stick your own notes to this or basically write on it; Habit Trackers - I like this section most because I feel quite satisfying when I see some tick in each part of language learning although they are very small (review one grammar point or analyse one great words each day; or read a quick tips from Fiona)
* Other part is to focus on specific activties in each week, each day and help you set a specific goal from small to bigger one. (I think it's great)
* There are some parts for review and reflection - You need to return back your work and see whether any method you are using for learning works for you or not, and you can also take note some specific score for some aspects of IELTS (Vocab, Grammar, Listening and Reading, or maybe productive skills if you have feedback and estimated score from your teachers).

By the way, at the moment I don't see any specific limitations from this planner, because besided IELTS Preparation, you can also use it for every goal and work you need to think over. (master a skill other than language, prepare for one subject in university or school).
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