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The best IELTS websites and resources to increase your Writing Score


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About Me

Hi I'm Fiona grew up in a small village in Wales, but always wanted to travel the world. So I started teaching English in France as part of my BA in French and English. After graduating, I went to teach in as many countries as I could, including Japan, France, Poland, Taiwan and Sri Lanka, mostly with the British Council.

I went back to the UK to do a master's in TEFL at Reading University and then trained as an IELTS examiner in 2005. 

After a few years of teaching at a private language school, I set up the Members Academy, which is an online school specialising in IELTS, with the goal of helping more students travel, work and study overseas.

Over 1000 members have successfully completed the 3-months study program and gone on to fulfill their goals.