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Understanding FAST SPEECH for IELTS Listening

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If you're committed to improving your IELTS Listening and Speaking score, this 34-page PDF guide to understanding native-speaker pronunciation, accents and connected speech is a game-changer.

If you struggle to understand the Listening, there are 8 main reasons, and you will go through all of them with me in the guide.

  1. Features of connected speech (dropping sounds, adding sounds, changing sounds, weak sounds and twin sounds).
  2. Word boundaries e.g Boat Inn or bow tin?
  3. Homophones e.g. crews/cruise
  4. Contractions e.g. you're/your
  5. Vowel sounds that are different or don't exist in your language e.g. bit/beat/bead
  6. Accents (North/South UK, US, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand) and rhoticity ('r')
  7. Minimal pairs e.g. ship/sheep, work/walk
  8. Consonant Clusters e.g. success, expect

These issues will affect your Speaking and Pronuncition score too.

As you work through the guide, I guarantee that you will re-think the way that you pronounce certain sounds and words that you've been mispronouncing for most of your English-speaking life.

I know this because I have a very Welsh accent. After living in England for 15 years and having to adapt the way I speak in order to fit in, I've discovered why I pronounce words 'differently' from Received Pronunciation, and you will too.

Please note

Thank you for supporting a small teacher-run business.

Due to the digital nature of the download, no refunds are available once you have purchased it.

Although the guide contains some links to audio and video support, this is a SELF-STUDY guide and it is designed as a workbook to accompany my two Speaking and Pronunciation Courses.

Because of the size of the document, it is only available to buy separately. It is not included in the Members Academy Course Package.

I hope you enjoy the guide and find it useful.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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