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Complete guide to conditionals for IELTS (2023)

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Have you always been confused by conditionals?

In my experience there are 2 grammar areas that still confuse even high-level learners, and stop them from getting the higher bands in IELTS.

The two areas are:

  1. Conditionals (zero, first, second, third and mixed)
  2. Perfect tenses (Present, Past, Future and Modals)

That's why I created a course for both of them!

This 45-page workbook is taken from the Conditional Course and 28-day Bootcamp - it includes all of the materials and exercises that we normally go through in the videos and live challenges.

(If you buy the course, you'll get the workbook included).

But if you don't have time to watch videos, this workbook is the next best thing.

See the preview for the syllabus - it takes you step by step from the simple (but still confusing!) zero conditional, and also looks at a variety of other conditional phrases that you can use in your Speaking and Writing test (conditionals also pop up in the Reading and Listening tests).

Please note that this is a digital download and no refunds are available.

The guide includes quick links to my free videos on my website and on YouTube, but the videos from my Conditional Course are NOT included in this pdf download.

The guide is included in the Members Academy all-courses package.

Think you don't need help with conditionals? Try my Quiz!

You will get a PDF (10MB) file

Customer Reviews

Adam W.

Verified Buyer

2 weeks ago

If you want to improve your IELTS score, you need this

First of all, I must say I'm kind of a fan of Fiona - if you are, like me, someone who has felt disappointed by countless "IELTS experts" online before coming across Fiona's website, you can surely understand why I say now I am a fan of Fiona.

And I need to admit that I purchased this PDF book not for myself - I bought it to help my friend who just got 5.5 in both IELTS Academic writing and speaking (I myself got 7.5 in writing and 8.0 in speaking). I know there are numerous grammar textbooks on the market and (almost) all of them cover the topic of "conditionals", so what is so special about Fiona's book that it deserves my strong recommendation?

Ok - first of all - very obviously, it is designed for students who are preparing for IELTS.

Fiona's book starts by telling readers that there are four basic kinds of conditionals - zero, first, second, and third. She also provides many example sentences, so students who are studying for IELTS can easily learn a lot from those examples (some will be useful for your speaking test, while others will help with writing tasks 1 and 2). As IELTS examiners will actively assess your grammatical range and accuracy, it certainly helps if you can use some conditional sentences correctly.

Another great thing about Fiona (not only related to this book - all her books are pretty good) is that she is fully aware of what kinds of mistakes students often make when they communicate in English, and she clearly explains how students can avoid them.

In summary, this book does what its title says - it is genuinely a COMPLETE GUIDE to conditionals. But I can also assure you that this book will not only help you improve your IELTS score, it will definitely help your English skills for life.

Buy it, read it, use it, and you will not regret.
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